Information letter

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your application for the forthcoming TED Master Guide Camp. We are looking forward to seeing you at the 6th MGC and to renewing our Pathfinder leadership experience together. The following details will help in your final preparation for the camp.

Travel and Arrival

Each person is responsible for their own travel arrangements to Trømsø. Where applicable your national/Conference leaders may have made group arrangements and if this is the case please be in contact with your Union/Conference office for the details.

Please also ensure that you have travel insurance and if you are a European citizen an up to-date EHIC card.

 Those coming by car should come directly to the site.

Those coming by air should arrive at Trømsø airport, on Friday 23th June but we are aware that some people will also arrive on Thursday 22th. We need to know your arrival/departure details so we can arrange the pick-up and transportation to the site. Someone will meet you with a sign displaying the MGC logo. Please see the attached travel list and if any details need amending please let us know immediately.

Camp Opening

Upon arrival you will be instructed as to which camping unit you will be in (see below) and as to where this unit will be situated on the field. Your first task will be to help your unit assemble a Lavu (Norwegian Tee pee), and other tasks– in other words to set up camp.

As groups are arriving at different times the first meal will be largely provided from the camp kitchen although there may be some element of group preparation (see food below).

After the meal, the camp will be opened by raising the national flags on the main flag poles, followed by the first service in the main hall. We would really appreciate it if everyone could make every effort to be at the site, and ready for the opening programme in full uniform.

Camping Units

As mentioned, you will be split into camp units. There will be 15 units of about 10 persons per unit, with the countries intentionally mixed. Each unit will receive a camp box containing cooking equipment, soda crates for seating and a table. Each unit will have a big tee pee with a wooden stove inside, and a smaller one the Unit must raise by themselves.

Throughout the camp you will camp, eat and participate as a unit – and sleep in the 2 tee pees.

At the end of the camp all units are also responsible for packing away their own camp tee pees, and returning the unit box to the central store.


There will be a mixture of centrally catered for meals and camp cooking in the units. The unit cooking will take place on Sabbath breakfast and evening, Sunday & Monday. The central catering will take place for the opening meal & Sabbath lunch.

All meals will be vegetarian and will be according to locally prepared menus. (on Sunday there will be a fishing activity, and people are of course welcome to cook whatever they catch) The last meal is breakfast on Monday morning.

 What to bring

Trømsø is in the Artic area, and though we have chosen a good time for the camp, it can still be very cold.  Now it is between 5 and 12 degrees, but it can change so come prepared.

  • Good waterproof walking shoes or boots.
  • Wind and maybe waterproof jacket and trousers.
  • Many thin layers of clothes.
  • Woollen long underwear. No we are not joking. We do not want you to be cold during the camp.
  • A good sleeping bag: (If you take a Duvet cover inside your sleeping bag you can make your bag a few degrees warmer) An extra blanket can also help you
  • A sleeping mat: If you will use a normal air mat, you might be cold, since there is no insulation between you and the air mattress. Use something with foam, that insulates and return your own heat. Though it is summer; it can be minus degrees during the night.
  • Ear plugs: When many people are sleeping together there can be a lot of noise.
  • Eye Mask: If you have trouble sleeping with the light on, you might want to use an eye mask.
  • Camera since this is a lifetime experience… sure why notJ
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Swim suit
  • Headlamp/torch: You can bring if you want but due to the midnight sun, there is light all night long. You can save space and leave your light at home.


There will be both workshop periods and skill share times. In the workshop times, there will be a leader but for the skill share please come prepared with a skill that you can share in your group. As a reminder:

A unique feature of TED Master Guide Camps is that during the programme there are two “skill-exchange” sessions. All participants are encouraged to bring along 2 skills (one appropriate for Sabbath and one for any other day) they have learned either while training for the Master Guide level or something you have developed according to your own interests. (You will however only share one of these skills). The sharing will take place in your small group only and the concept is that you’ll share one skill and get 8 or 9 back from other members of your unit. The skill can be of any kind, whether it be marching and drilling or just teaching other particular knots. You’ll have approximately 5-10 minutes to teach/share your skill. We need to know your skills in advance so we can plan the small groups and make sure you’re not all doing the same thing. Please provide as much as possible your own material. If you need particular material however and you’re not able to bring it along, feel free to contact us.

There are two skill share sessions and these work really well if everyone plans in advance to participate. The aim is for each unit to leave with many different ideas that can be used back home.


The worship periods will be taken by Gry Beate Marley and Andrew Campbell who both work in Norway

One feature we would like to include is a “getting to know the nations” and I would ask that as national representatives you come prepared to share 6 things (Forward Together VI) about Pathfindering in your country and what makes it special.


We have already had to make timber, food, badge and T shirt orders based on the application sheets as sent by each Union. For this reason, please be aware that there will be a cancellation charge applied for any no shows at the camp. The cancellation charge will be €25/£20 and the only exception will be for a denied visa. Anyone cancelling for health reasons should make any applications for refunds through their travel insurance, as applicable.

See You Soon

May we wish you every blessing for your preparations and we look forward to seeing you in 2 weeks’ time.

Peter Bohsen and Victor Marley

TED Pathfinder Director & Norwegian Union Youth Director



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International MGC, 23 – 26 June 2017, Tromso, Norway

A camp, only for leaders and Master Guides, where you can share
your Master Guide experience with others, discuss relevant
issues to pathfindering in Europe and learn new leadership skills.

UPDATE: In less than 18 days the 6th Master Guide Camp (MGC) will start in the very north of Norway. Although a few people have had to cancel participation, this will still be the biggest one yet.

We know of groups who are planning to drive across Europe to get there and others who will fly from all corners of our Division simply to be part of this once in a lifetime experience.

We recently sent out a letter to all participants with some logistical information

We look forward to welcoming you all very soon

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