International MGC, 2017, Tromso, Norway

A camp, only for leaders and Master Guides, where you can share
your Master Guide experience with others, discuss relevant
issues to pathfindering in Europe and learn new leadership skills.

2017 will see the Master Guide Camp (MGC) run for the sixth time. These camps have taken place bi-annually since 2007 and have been held in the following countries:

2007 – Holland
2009 – Britain
2011 – Denmark
2013 – Britain
2015 – Slovenia

In 2017 the camp will take place in the north of Norway in Tromsø. Over the coming months more information and application forms will become available.

The MGC camps were the result of some of our long time Pathfinder leaders both seeing a need, and having a desire, for a camp just for leaders – where leaders could share their Master Guide experience. Build on fellowships made at the Camporees, form new networks with other leaders, share skills and also discuss relevant issues to Pathfindering in Europe.

It is not a camp to train Master Guides or to fulfil Master Guide requirements – as each country has their own training programme with varying different points of emphasis – but it is most definitely a camp to inspire, encourage and build upon the Master Guide experience.

We hope you might be inspired to attend next year.