Our speaker for the weekend will be Kim Hagen Jensen. He has pastored in Denmark for 15 yrs, holds a MA in Theology and is currently working as an Environmental Lab Technician. Kim and his wife Linda, who have been pathfinders most of their lives, have run their own pathfinder club and are the parents of two pathfinders: Vivian and Jakob.

Theme: Creation

Kim will be dealing with some basic challenges of ”Evolution vs Creation” and their implications for spiritual life, faith and ethics, making it relevant for pathfinder leaders


Thursday evening: ”Does it Matter what you Believe?”

  • The ethics and consequences of Darwinian Evolution
  • The ethics and consequences of believing in God the Creator

Friday evening: ”Want to Wear my Glasses?”

  • Worldviews – understanding others
  • Comparing biblical revelation and science
  • Practical suggestions for sharing faith with pathfinders who have a non-biblical worldview

Sabbath morning: ”The God who Gives Life”

  • What it means to be created by God
  • The design of life: The environment, myself, others and God
  • Enjoying Creation and the Creator

Sunday morning: ”Worship Him who Created”

  • The heart of being an Adventist pathfinder leader
  • Worshiping God through pathfinders
  • The reward – my own story

Skill Exchange
In each unit there will be time for skill exchange. So bring your best pathfinder activities and show your group the best you have.

Draft Programme subject to change